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Goodbyes at Emory Healthcare

People talk about the proverbial glass being half full or half empty all the time.

The metaphor might seem overused but it felt apropos looking at  the glasses on the table at the 2011 ceremonial closing, the graduation from Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) with Pastoral Services at Emory Healthcare. Of late, my time at the hospital has felt more half full than empty.

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Each resident shared about their bittersweet moments during the residency. And we shared bittersweet moments in we departed from another.

I was blessed by the staff, residents, and interns in the program. In particular, Maureen Shelton and Robin Brown-Haithco, the former my supervisor during my internship and the latter my residency, blessed me as they walked with me in my spiritual growth and development CPE. For that I am grateful.

Photos by Toni St Ile and Dianne Glave

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