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Is God a man, woman or both? I do care about this question because if a young child has been molested by her father, then it’s hard to see God as male as positive. And the opposite is true for those who have had positive experiences and images of men, including father and father figures. In giving pastoral care to others, I strive to be sensitive to feelings around gender. With that said, I experience God as male, female, and genderless, without getting one of the theological debates of the ages.

So looking at one aspect of God’s gender or “genderlessness,” I often crawl into God’s womb. Metaphorically being in the womb is a form of worship for me and an encounter with God as female. As a pastor, I have the luxury of being in the sanctuary alone during most days and times of the week. When I feel the need for nurturing, I stretch out on those smooth pews feeling cocooned in the cool semi-gloom of the sanctuary. And I worship God.

Gender matters. I also know that crawling in God’s womb has no boundaries, experiencing a personal spiritual moment so close to God. Ultimately, God defies humankind’s limited definitions and labels. This includes God’s relationship with us. And that can be in God’s womb.

Comments on: "The Womb of God in the Pews" (2)

  1. joel garrett said:

    I like the imagry of the womb of God. I think many believers forget that humanity is created in the image of God both male and female. At times we get so literal with the creation stories we want to make that first Adam a biological male and forget until the creation of Eve original Adam contained both male and female. One of the places where I have encountered the feminine, womb of God presence that you mention is in the Abbey of Gethsemane in Trappist, KY. Something of a mystical experience. Thanks for the thought.

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